Monday, July 21, 2008

Buttercream Pretzels

Yes you heard me right. Buttercream Pretzels. I was sitting in the kitchen munching on pretzels trying to figure out what I can do with some left over buttercream I had in the fridge. I sat straight up, was blinded by the lightbulb & OH SNAP............why not put buttercream on pretzels. Yeah yeah I know it's not off the pages of Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig but who gives a dern....I popped one of these little pieces in my mouth & woooooooo doggy......the sweet creamy buttercream mixed with the crunchy salty pretzels was like magic in my mouth. Ah I'll start WW tomorrow...these are too good to just be all cute & pretty. Try it out & I bet you my 401k you'll love it.
Disclaimer: The above referenced comment about my 401k is completely false, however an addendum is in place that should I turn my 401k over to you for not liking my creation, you must take me in, give me shelter, food & water for the rest of my life seeing as I'll be in the poor house after giving you my loot. Deal? Oh I might add, I require steak & lobster, champaign wishes & caviar dreams, oh & a foot massage each night..........................Yeah I'd turn this deal down too :)


Lt. Mascara said...

I think I could eat one...or a hundred right about now! Great idea...there's always leftover buttercream!

Sophie said...

We would like to feature your buttercream pretzels on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)

You can view our blog here:

Anonymous said...


For starters, my name is Stefanie and I am part of the Meijer Public Relations Team. Nice to meet you.

Having read and enjoyed your blog, I wanted to run something by you:

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The reason for this note is to see if you’d be interested in being our guest to tour the new Meijer store and to meet with Meijer executives to discuss what we’ve done and how we hope it will benefit the local community. Recently, we just announced that we would be stocking even more home-grown produce in each one of our stores. It would be an informative look at how one grocery store is reinventing itself to better reflect the changing tastes and habits of its shoppers.

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