Friday, July 11, 2008

Texas Sheet Cake

If you are a choco-holic then this cake is for you. A super moist chocolate cake with a rich fudgy chocolate frosting is what you can expect. You've heard that saying "it's so good you wanna slap your momma?" Well you may have to go back a generation & include your grand-momma too one this one. This recipe I cannot claim however. I visit an awesome blog by Ree aka: The Pioneerwoman. She has great recipes & a really cool site. If you want to visit & find the recipe her site is: Here are some pictures to tempt your taste buds. This recipe definitely calls for a super big glass of cold milk. Mmmmmm

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Lt. Mascara said...

I've eyed this one for awhile. But I also have the Hershey's Best cookbook so I usually turn to it for chocolatey cakes and it hasn't failed me yet.

By the way, took your thai chili cupcakes to my husbands grandfathers bday last night...they were a huge hit! I took pics and will post them this week for my Tuesday at the Table blog post.