Sunday, July 13, 2008

Southern Red Velvet Cupcakes

A few years ago I visited my friend Keri in Atlanta and she took us to the cutest little kitchy restaurant called Agnes & Muriels. It was there I had my first piece of red velvet cake. I've never had it again and I'm currently trying to come up with various staple cupcake recipes & I knew red velvet had to be on the list. These cupcakes turned out so light & fluffy. Probably the most fluffy & light cupcake or cake I think I have had. Normally when it comes to cream cheese I only like it on bagels, but this icing............uh mah goooooodness as my friend Melanie would say. Soooo flippin creamy, buttery and sweet. The perfect topping for these yummy red velvet gems.

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Lt. Mascara said...

So tempting! I need to pass this along to my friend Kel who is a great baker and loves cream cheese icing!

FWIW I featured your thai chili cupcakes on my "tuesday at the table" post for this week. They really are out of this world!