Monday, July 21, 2008

Merrill's Hot Dog Sauce

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend my 4th of July down in the peaceful hollers of Kentucky at my friend Melanie's father's house. Tom is his name & he's the sweetest UK fan you'll ever meet. Well Tom done gone & got himself a good woman and even better, that good woman can cook some GOOD food. Merrill is her name (down in Kentucky it's pronounced Merle) & she's as nice as can be. While sitting around she looked over & asked me "Megan do you want some hot dog sauce?" I said ummm ok, but what do you mean? Merrill looked at me like I was nuts "hot dog sauce!!"......ooohhkay....but what do you mean Merrill and she said "honey it's the sauce you put on top of your hot dogs." I said ohhhh okay you mean coney sauce? "No, I mean hot dog sauce." So us Northern folks coney sauce is the Southern folks "hot dog sauce". I took a bite & let me tell ya...............mmm mmm mmm heavens to Bestey it was phenomenal. Sure beats the Dairy Queen sauce I'm used to :) Not only is this hot dog sauce phenomenal it's simple as pie. Take a look.

Brown 1lb. Ground Beef

Once brown add 1 can tomato soup, 2Tbs. Sugar, Chili Powder, Salt & Pepper to taste & mix till combined & warm.
Top on your favorite hotdog & there you have Merrill's HOT DOG SAUCE !! You can top with onions or cheese if you do so please (it's the Kentucky sweetness coming out in me).

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